Model F22

Model F22

Product Description

Model F22 type is mounted on the end of a vent pipe from the tank. Vapors are allowed to escape into the atmosphere and air can be drawn into the tank through the flame element.

The flame arrester consists of a spiral wound and crimped bank element.

The flame arrester is installed where it is not necessary to conserve vapor losses but low flash point solvent liquid must be protected against fire and explosion from exterior ignition sources.

1 Body B26-319 / C.S. (A216WCB) / S.S. (AISI 316) B26-319 / C.S. (1.6019) / S. S. (1.4408)
2 Element Ring S.S. (AISI 316) S. S. (1.4408)
2-1 Element Ring Pad S.S. (AISI 316) S. S. (1.4408)
3 Element S.S. (AISI 316L) S. S. (1.4436)
4 Bracket S. S. (AISI 304) S. S. (1.4308)
5 Hood S. S. (AISI 304) S. S. (1.4308)
6 Hex B/N S. S. (AISI 304) S. S. (1.4308)
7 Plan Washer S. S. (AISI 304) S. S. (1.4308)
8 Stud B/N S. S. (AISI 304) S. S. (1.4308)
9 Mesh S. S. (AISI 304) S. S. (1.4308)


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