Covid19 Update from Efsvalves

Covid19 Update from Efsvalves

At Engineering fluid Solutions EFSVALVES we remain committed to the safety of our staff and collaborators and to our commitment to service our customers and suppliers in this critical situation we are experiencing.

For this purpose, adaptation protection and continuous operations service policies have been designed to guarantee, as far as possible, a minimum interruption in the supply chain.

Our technical – commercial department will be available combining operations remotely and in the company during normal working hours to process requests, offers, inquiries, spare parts, etc.

Our warehouse and workshop will be operational daily with a reduction in working hours until 1:00 pm as long restrictions remain active.

Most of our suppliers have adapted similar measures that allow us to maintain the supply chain with the minimum alteration, subject to the continuous measures that must be implemented for the containment of the Covid-19, although it is possible that in some cases it may experience some delay.

Thank you for your ongoing business and trust in EFSVALVES as partner, if you have  any questions you can contact us through our or habitual contact matrix.