PTFE Relief valves   EFSCHEM

EFS Chem Series  Thermoplastic diaphragm pressure relief valves are designed to protect against pressure increase the pipelines, tanks or any device.

Valve opens at reach set pressure level and allows fluid to escape and release pressure immediately.

This pressure relief valve can be easy set, easy to service and clean., valves are designed 2 ports but can be 3 ports design available on request.

Valves are sized depending on flow capacities vs set pressure in order to ensure equipment protection for increase of pressure, valves can also work as backpressure relief valves.

Valve as relief valve is designed to operate with liquids and has advantage of chemical resistance material properties of PTFE

Valves are available from ½” to 4” bsp or npt threaded ends or EN & ANSI flanged ends on demand (subject to quantities)

Valve application main application are: metering pump relief valve, pump thermoplastic relief valve, storage tank relief valve, pipelines, etc.

Main users: Chemical and petrochemical plants, process industry, pulp & paper plants, desalination plants, fertilizer plants etc.

EFS CHEM Valve as well could be available in following materials: CPVC, PP, PVDF, PTFE

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