Environment Day Reflections at Covid 19 Stage from Valve Guy Point of View

Environment Day Reflections at Covid 19 Stage from Valve Guy Point of View


Since it’s world environment Day 5th of June EFS Valves want to share some recent environmental changes and reflections due to Covid-19.

Although the terrible impact of COVID-19 in human loses and economy,  we have drastically changed our lives and routines.

We are travelling less which pushed global electricity demand down by 20%, this will have an tremendous impact on global coal demand.The air and car traffic is reduced for around 90% which help to clean out the air from contamination. Due to drop on pollution from transport we see the high improvement in air quality.

The ecological changes are helping wildlife to recover and we might see animals around green areas in cities.

There are several social benefits nowadays too. Neighbours who previously don’t know each other started to interact as well as the collective watching movies projected on the walls have been seen. Communities are getting more attached and people share much more values together. As well as generally society is reconsidering more and more options for healthier living and choosing their foods wisely. The tendency to do sports is also raising.

As most of companies had to move to the remote schedule, the technology improvements are seen more often. The usage of collaboration tools, virtual meeting have helped to continue working and allow to have more flexibilities on schedules.

The distance learning has improved the level of education in many countries. Also now each person is using more digital and contactless payments to avoid spread of Covid-19. Digital payments enable people to make online purchases and payments of services.

And of course, we can´t forget to mention all the improvements done for many of us in the kitchen like a top chef of a fancy restaurant with exotic foods and pastries that made our families smile again.

I think we can conclude that generally most of the people become more sustainably conscious, recycling more and  sensitive to these values and why not more sustainable valves as well to contribute .

Happy environmental day!