Valve Special Paint & Coatings

Valve Special Paint & Coatings

Is every day more common to get request for valve painting or valve coating to ensure correct protection against products, atmosphere, temperature, corrosion etc. thanks to the advance and research of painting industry and its application on  industrial valves, now users requires often valve with some special painting or coating specification for achieve services that used to require higher-grade materials before with the benefits of less cost.

The most demanding industries are , marine industry, desalination, oil & gas, chemical, petrochemical, food, power etc.

In EFSVALVES service department we are ready to support our customers with a comprehensive range of solutions in paints and coatings through ourselves or our principals, from valve surface preparation until i thickness inspection report if necessary and meet requirements of UNE EN ISO 12944 and ISO 9223

  • Correct surface preparation either chemically or mechanically
  • Correct degrease, de rust, abrasive blasting
  • Coating acc ISO 12944 and ISO 9223 C3, C4, C5i C5M etc.
  • RAL colour
  • Valve coating PTFE and ECPTFE
  • Valve inspection, number layers, thickness etc.
  • Painting report

Summary of most common paining grades on valves and it´s protection rate

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