Motor Operated Safety Valve, New Concept in Safety Relief Valve Manegement

Motor Operated Safety Valve, New Concept in Safety Relief Valve Manegement

We like to introduce a new concept into the market in PSV valves, the combination of spring loaded safety relief valve with the additional benefit of the combination with electric actuators able to perform linear movements.

Valve remain as standard pressure safety valve due it can work spring loaded but gear operation is also possible that can perform manual operation same as lifting lever plus all the benefits of electric actuation.

This Smart PSV becomes a really useful tool for safety valve monitoring in standard or critical situations due it vast range of possibilities throw communication system.

Main Advantages of smart safety valve:

Increase safety system performance.

All performances from use electric motors such high degree of IP & Atex protection

Accurate control of pressure system for opening and blowdown, flow or temperate due it´s electric operation.

Manual operation possible thanks to the gears

Valve, communication systems options available such Fieldbus,Profibus,  Hart, SIma etc.

Spring loaded capabilities remain unaltered.

Adaptability to our current range for PSV API – ASME – EN.

Custom made solutions with pressure transmitters, electric gauges or any other devices.

Easy maintenance.

Possibility to add safety valve silencer

For sure this new concept will help users to maximize benefits from standard valve + smart operation potential.

We can adapt this device to our existing range either ASME – API Safety Valves or EN, materials from ductile iron, carbon steel, high temperature steel, low temperature steel, stainless steel, duplex, superduplex, balanced and conventional PSV

Our valve can be adapted to main electric actuators manufacturer´s what will ensure availability of parts and service worldwide and for valve service we can provide any part through our logistic system to any customer.

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