Policy SGI


EFSVALVES, is a company that started 18 years ago with the activity of design, manufacture, marketing and consulting,
commercialisation and consultancy of industrial valves and fluid regulation.
Our head office is located in Sant Joan Despi, Rambla Josep María Jujol, no 42, local 2.

EFSVALVES. customers, by choosing us, can be sure to find a reliable response from the first contact to the final delivery.
from the first contact to the final delivery of the work entrusted to us.
In all our work, we meet the requirements of the parties concerned, according to legal requirements and

of the standards: UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015/ UNE-EN-ISO 14001:2015, in order to achieve these, the Management provides
human, technical and financial resources necessary to meet the requirements of our stakeholders.
interested parties.

Our objective of the SGI is based on the constant improvement of the quality of our services, including in them the commitment of
the commitment to the prevention of damage and deterioration of health and to the continuous improvement and performance of the same, respecting the protection of the environment and the environment.

and performance, while respecting the protection of the environment, including the prevention of pollution, waste and protection of biodiversity and ecosystems.
EFSVALVES, with the supervision of the Management, will assess risks and opportunities, creating a robust company and with a

robust and with an attitude based on continuous improvement, based on processes.
From the Management, we control and confirm all this documentation and we notify all the staff of the
all staff of the obligation to follow all instructions derived from this process to achieve the best guarantee of the Integrated Management System and its requirements.
Integrated Management System and its requirements.
Any discrepancy or change to the Integrated Management System will be agreed with the process owners and with the final approval of the
processes and with the final approval of the Management.
Mr. Guillermo Vendrell
General Management
03 March 2021