Service Center


Heating jacket for valves
Valve shaft extension
Safety relief valve service and repair
PTFE, EFCTE teflon® HALAR®  special valve coating , special paint

Our qualified staff will evaluate and inform about the best solution prior to repair. This way they can arrange the pick-up and delivery of the valve after repair with a guarantee, certification, inspection, quality report, etc.

We provide the following services:

  • Valve test(set pressure leakage)

  • We can provide special valve painting according C3, C4, C5 marine, offshore  etc

  • Valve inspection
  • Degreasing
  • Visual inspection, corrosion inspection, repair, refurbish or replacement
  • Blasting of the valve seat
  • Gasket service, pressure test / bubble test / seat leak test and readjustment of the safety valve pressure
  • Modification of the valve
  • Quality plan of repair
  • Third party inspections
  • Full documentation, records management
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